The Lion Lays Down with the Lamb


Finally back at it after a busy summer and fall film season....and it feels good!  I was lucky enough to have my first project back be in celebration of a new life.  One of my lovely friends is expecting soon and is in need of a little something for her nursery.  I'm hoping this will fit the bill.  As always, nursery projects are something I love to do and such an amazing reason to celebrate.

I Made It!

I wanted to share this photo that was sent to me by the soon-to-be parents of the panda and archery loving munchkin. My illustration was lucky enough to make it on to the nursery wall, and I couldn't be happier! I love seeing my work make it into a munchkin's room! Thank you John and Janine for letting my work be a part of your child's life. And congratulations! Just a few more days now!

All images ©Aimee Butterfield 2015